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The time for new industry and business has never been better. There are several support industries located in the immediate area with several industrial sites. With the current trend for recycling ever increasing, the aluminum reclamation industry in Uhrichsville is growing at a tremendous rate. Other support industries include plastic fabrication, hydraulic equipment, industrial rings, surface mining, trucking, grocery distribution, and lumber yards.

This is the hub of transportation in Eastern Ohio. Located at the junction of three major highways, U.S. Route 250, U.S. Route 36 and State Route 800, Interstate 77 is just 10 miles away. The Columbus & Ohio River and Corman Railroad systems run right through the Twin Cities. Air travel is easily accessible with international airports in nearby Akron/Canton, Cleveland and Pittsburgh. The Harry Clever Airfield in New Philadelphia can handle most small corporate aircraft.

The city and county governments offer many incentives for new businesses. Uhrichsville and Dennison have been declared an Enterprise Zone and the Twin Cities are in the Appalachia area that allows for special funding. The government also offers numerous loans for minority groups.

Excerpt  from Twin City Chamber of Commerce. Click Here to visit the Twin City Website.