Uhrichsville Water Park
The Buckeye House
City of Uhrichsville Police Department
Soldier Monument in Union Cemetery, Uhrichsville, OH
First Presbyterian Church, Uhrichsville, OH
Veteran's Memorial, Uhrichsville, OH
Veteran's Memorial, Uhrichsville, OH

Uhrichsville City Office

305 E. Second Street
Uhrichsville, OH 44683
(740) 922-1242

Richard Dorland, Mayor
(740) 922-1242
Email: xvsecretary@att.net

Auditor's Office
(740) 922-9344

Service Department
(740) 922-2131

Water Park
(740) 922-8780

Welcome to the City of Uhrichsville, Ohio

The City of Uhrichsville, Ohio, is a progressive, growing community with a population of approximately 5413 located in Tuscarawas County.

Greetings from the City of Uhrichsville!

There are some very exciting things happening in Uhrichsville! In our downtown area, the Dollar General Store has relocated into a newly constructed building; The Claymont Public Library has refurbished the front of their building with historical features; the city is moving forward with plans to renovate a building that will be the new site of the Uhrichsville Museum of Clay Industry and Folk Art; and an Outdoor/Sports Clothing and Gear shop will be opening in the new future. In addition, many other local businesses outside of the downtown area but within our community have also improved and updated their establishments. It is a time of progress and growth in our wonderful city!

The summer season kicks off with the opening of the Uhrichsville Water Park. Please visit the Park's Web Site for all up and coming events. A new walking/biking trail connects two area tourist attractions - our Water Park and the Dennison Depot. Explore our local history at the Uhrichsville Museum of Clay, Industry and Folk Art and at Union Cemetery. The Union Cemetery was spotlighted on a travel segment of a regional TV show. The Cemetery features a Civil War Monument and many unique headstones made from clay. Future recreational projects for the city of Uhrichsville include the development of Gorley Street Bottoms. With funding provided by grants, private contributions and in-kind labor the city hopes to construct a new ball park/skate park with a basketball court, restrooms and a parking lot.

The time for new industry and business has never been better. There are several support industries located in the immediate area with several industrial sites. With the current trend for recycling ever increasing, the aluminum reclamation industry in Uhrichsville is growing at a tremendous rate. Other support industries include plastic fabrication, hydraulic equipment, industrial rings, surface mining, trucking, grocery distribution, and lumber yards.

This is the hub of transportation in Eastern Ohio. Located at the junction of three major highways:

  • U.S. Route 250
  • U.S. Route 36
  • State Route 800
  • Interstate 77 is just 10 minutes away

The Columbus and Ohio River and Corman Railroad systems run right through the City. Air travel is easily accessible with international airports in nearby Akron/Canton, Cleveland and Pittsburgh. The Harry Clever Airfield in New Philadelphia is located just 6 miles away and can handle most small corporate aircraft.

The city and county governments offer many incentives for new businesses.Uhrichsville has been declared an Enterprise Zone and is in the Appalachia area that allows for special funding.

Please plan a visit to our marvelous little city! Enjoy a great meal at one of our area restaurants or plan a picnic in the park adjacent to the Water Park.

See you in Uhrichsville!

Warmest Regards

Richard Dorland, Mayor of Uhrichsville

Historical Reference

The clay industry emerged in the City of Uhrichsville in 1883. Rich veins of clay and coal were discovered, leading to a production of clay and brick materials, resulting in the town being deemed the Clay Center of the World. Read more Historical Information

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