Council Clerk

City of Uhrichsville
Council Clerk

General Statement of Duties: Serves as a Clerk for the City Council and manages the activities of the City
Clerk’s office; performs related work as required.

Distinguishing Features of the Position: The employee in this position performs administrative and clerical tasks in the support of the activities of the City Council. Work is performed in accordance with general instructions from the City Council and in accordance with applicable ordinances and law.

Areas of Accountability:
1. Assembles, classifies and places in proper order all items of business to come before the City Council.

  • Receives all correspondence addressed to the City Council and all other materials and documents requiring city council approval and adoption
  • Follows the City Council meeting agenda
  • Attends all meetings of the City Council and records accurately and fully the manner in which each item is considered and disposed of by the City Council.
    • City Council Meetings (2nd and 4th Thursday of the month)
    • Storm Sewer District (1st Thursday of the month)
    • Special Meetings (by request of Council President)
  • Publicizes legal notices, adopted ordinances and City Council minutes:
    • Enter all minutes and resolutions on the City’s website
    • Publish ordinances and resolutions twice in the Bargain Hunter
      • Include title and brief summary
      • To be completed by Thursday or Friday, a week after the meeting
      • Must be done to become a law

2. Has custody, maintains and safeguards all records required by law to be kept by the City including other documents in which the City is an interested partner

  • Serves as custodian of the official books and records of the City Council;

(not to be removed unless authorized by the Council President)

  • Supervises the cross-indexing system and the proper filing of official City records; post all ordinances and resolutions in their proper manual
  • Researches City records providing copies of records and documents as requested by City staff and the general public
  • Provides copy of any ordinances involving monies, expenditures or payroll to the City Auditor
  • Provides copy of any ordinances involving Law enforcement to the Chief of Police

All applications must be received by May 13th, 2021.